Birthright: A New World

Session 1 – Spring 554 MR

After a two-month crossing of the Sea of Storms, the Boeruinian colonists arrived in the New World, only to find the selected colony site occupied by pirates. A combination of diplomacy and intimidation convinced the pirate leader, who went by the nom de guerre “Le Pelinard”, to seek his profits elsewhere.

The colonists initiated early settlement efforts, including several commercial initiatives by Weatherbee and Bin Omar Aftar that brought them into conflict with the merchant guildmaster Radek Valduine.

A spur-of-the-moment expedition up the river by Weatherbee resulted in an unexpected contact with a group of shapechanging leopard/humans from Yaxaal, a wealthy city-state further upriver. Travelling to the city, the PCs and their escorts were received by its monarch, Quauhtli kuhul ajaw, and invited to compete in a traditional ball-game for the rights to the colony lands.



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