Birthright: A New World

Session 2 – Spring 554 MR

The PCs spent some time in Yaxaal, including trading with a group of minotaurs who had come from across the western mountains and deserts.

The next morning, the PCs played in the sacred ball game for the right to settle and won a convincing victory over the opposing team. At a subsequent banquet, the ruler of Yaxaal provided some important information about their new land, but things took a turn for the mysterious when they met Huatoctli, the only survivor of the destruction of Zaclatún. Immediately upon seeing the PCs, he was struck by a seizure, saying that “the children of the sun and of the thunder have come to Yaxaal” and that “the sixth ka’tun is established at Yaxaal”.

Having won peaceful relations with Yaxaal, the PCs returned to Lionsgate and continued going about the development of the new colony.

Later in spring that year, reports came in of the discovery of some strange buildings some fifty miles to the north of Lionsgate, which upon further investigation turned out to be a long-ruined settlement related to an ancient Elvish wizard named Shiralvannen. The PCs gained entrance to a tower in the middle of the settlement and defeated both a shield guardian and a number of undead before eventually discovering an image of Shiralvannen beneath the tower, crying for revenge.



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