Aeric Boeruine

Archduke of Boeruine & The West


Aeric Boeruine, Archduke of Boeruine & The West has ruled the realm that bears his name for more than two decades. As the heir of an ancient dynasty that traces its lines directly back to the first human settlers that fled Aduria two thousand years ago, the Archduke has devoted all his power and that of his realm towards one goal: Restoring the Anuirean Empire and claiming the imperial Iron Throne for himself.

Many of his subjects support this ambition and feel that it is the birthright of Boeruine to rule all Anuire; but others see the Empire as a relic, dead and buried, and believe any attempt to restore it will spark wars greater and bloodier even than those that caused its fall. Such talk, however, is not at all welcome at the Archduke’s court in Seasedge.

Aeric Boeruine

Birthright: A New World lanfranc