Only survivor from Zaclatún


The ancient Tecoani Huatoctli is the only person to survive the destruction of Zaclatún. Although he was brought to the holy city of the Serpent God along with the rest of the population, he alone was spared from the mass sacrifices. Instead, he was instructed by the god itself to return to the Tecoani and serve as a living symbol of what happens to those who oppose the divine will of the Serpent. Today, he is living out his final years as a guest of the ruler of Yaxaal.

When Huatoctli first saw the Cerilian newcomers to Ameyatl, he fell into a seizure and exclaimed: “The children of the sun and of the thunder come on the tide to Yaxaal. The settlement of the children of the sun and of the thunder takes place there. The k’atun is established at Yaxaal!”


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