Lannier de Bering

Paladin of Cuiraécen


Anuirean male, Pal
Religious affiliation: Cuiarécen


Sir Lannier de Bering was drawn to the church of Cuiraécen from an early age. Choosing to serve as a paladin rather than a priest, he received his training in the renowned monasteries of the Militant Order of Cuiraécen in eastern Tuornen. After many years of battle around the Five Peaks and the Seamist Mountains, he eventually ended up in the service of the Hidden Temple of Cuiraécen in Boeruine.

He is a very able tactician, and unlike his more sensitive Haelynite counterparts, he has no compunctions about using any and all tricks in the book to gain an advantage over the enemy.

Sir Lannier is currently in Yaxaal to study the Ameyatl ball game.

Quote: “Dishonourable? Well, if they didn’t want to be ambushed, they shouldn’t have marched through that valley in the first place!”

Lannier de Bering

Birthright: A New World lanfranc