Robert Cornelis

Master architect


Male Anuirean, Exp 4
Skills: Craft (Stonemasonry), Craft (Carpentry), Knowledge (Architecture/Engineering), Knowledge (Geography), Knowledge (History)
Religious affiliation: Sarimie


Originally a mason’s journeyman in Tuornen, Master Cornelis became a military engineer during wars with Alamie, and later studied the principles of mathematics and aesthetics with masters in Endier, Mhoried, and Brosengae. A few years ago, he was offered a position as master architect at the court of the bishop of Rivien, where he further refined his skills working on churches, mansions and fortifications.

Quote: “I would suggest, My Lord, to build the mansion up on that hill instead. Up there, it should avoid most of the stench from the fish market down the road.”

Robert Cornelis

Birthright: A New World lanfranc