Theodon Stalban

Senior priest of Haelyn


Father Theodon Stalban entered the priesthood of Haelyn at an early age and has since risen rapidly through the ranks. He has proved his worth as a priest and warrior on numerous occasions, especially during the wars with the goblins and other non-humans of the Five Peaks. During one battle, he lost his left arm at the elbow, but seems to manage well enough without it. He was picked by the Archbishop personally to participate in the expedition as Father Abelard’s lieutenant. He is the nephew of Harrin Stalban, an advisor to the Thane of Talinie.

Quote: “I only need one hand to perform the Solemn Blessing. And I only need one hand to raise my sword against the enemy. So no, it does not bother me.”

Theodon Stalban

Birthright: A New World lanfranc