Cerilian NPCs

Although thousands of miles separate the New World from the Old, the impact of events and decisions made in the streets and and courts of Cerilia may still be felt. These are some of the people with such power:


His Grace Aeric Boeruine, Archduke of Boeruine & The West
Lord Vaenerys Tael, Chamberlain
William de Mourandes, Archbishop of Tariene
Arien Borthein, Chief Syndic of the Trading Guild of Boeruine
Lord Eustace de Mont, Count of Rivien
Innes, Court Wizard


Lady Thuriene Donalls, Thane of Talinie and Supreme Hierarch of the Nothern Imperial Temple
Torias Griene, Hierarch


His Highness Darien Avan, Prince of Avanil

Cerilian NPCs

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