The Liongate Charter is the colony’s founding document, setting out a number of privileges and obligations.

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Art. 1 – The charter is in force for all lands that Boeruine acquires in the New World.

Art. 2 – Appoints a Lord Governor to govern the lands in the name of the Archduke.

Art. 3 – The Governor has power to create and repeal laws within the colony.

Art. 4 – Enumerates other powers of the Governor, including taxation.

Art. 5 – The Governor shall pay 1/4 of all revenues to the Archduke.

Art. 6 – All Boeruinian subjects who settle in the colony are entitled to a plot of land.

Art. 7 – The Governor shall be the highest judge in the colony and may establish courts of law; but sentences of capital punishment (“high justice”) or cases regarding the administration of the colony may be appealed to the Archduke.

Art. 8 – The Governor may grant Boeruinian citizenship to anyone, except generally enemies of the realm or other undesirables.

Art. 9 – Establishes a council to advise the Governor.

Art. 10 – The Governor may create military forces and fortifications.

Art. 11 – Establishes the Northern Imperial Temple of Haelyn and the Hidden Temple of Cuiraecen as the dual state religions of the colony, equal in all matters.

Art. 12 – Grants monopoly on trade to the Boeruinian Trading Guild.

Art. 13 – The charter shall be in force everywhere and forever unless changed.


Birthright: A New World lanfranc