Domain assets

Some examples of domain assets:

Bridge: Allows armies and trade routes to cross major rivers. Can be constructed of wood or stone. Some rivers are too large to bridge.

Ferry: Allows armies and trade routes to cross major rivers, although more slowly than a bridge.

Fortification: Provinces or individual holdings can be fortified. Province fortifications prevent enemy troops from occupying or passing through the province. Fortified holdings cannot be destroyed.

Highway: A network of paved roads with inns, post stations and other supporting structures. Allows land-based trade routes and faster movement for armies and couriers.

Palace: A lavish structure for the regent and court. Adds to the realm’s effective court level.

Seaport: Allows sea-based trade routes.

Shipyard: Allows construction of ships.

Wondrous structure: A large, prestigious building project, such as great cathedrals, magnificent statues, extensive libraries, etc.

Domain assets

Birthright: A New World lanfranc