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Knowledge (Planes)
Given the inaccessibility of the planes, this is an extremely esoteric and generally unavailable skill.

See also BR Wiki: New skills


– Scions with obvious bloodline abilities qualify for the +1 Special Power adjustment to Leadership score.
– Regents may take the Leadership feat as early as 1st level, and may add one-tenth of the sum of the province and non-source holding levels in their domain (rounded down) to their Leadership score.

New feats, see BR Wiki: New Feats


Ritual Magic
Wizards may cast spells from their spellbooks as a ritual without preparation. A ritual costs 25 gp/spell level and takes 5 minutes/spell level plus the spell’s normal casting time.

Magical Travel
All forms of magical travel – including teleport, dimension door, blink, etc. – require the creation of a temporary path through the Shadow World, which causes a high risk of mishaps. Only certain blood abilities are exempt from this.

Item Creation:
– To preserve the “rare magic” feel of Birthright, time to create magic items is increased from 1 day to 1 week per 1000gp.
– Blooded characters can opt to sacrifice bloodline score points instead of experience points when creating items, at a rate of 1 pt/750 XP.
– Two or more characters may cooperate on creating an item, e.g. to fulfill different spell requirements. Time and cost to create remains the same, and only one character can expend XP for the item.
– In general, magic items are rare enough in the Birthright world that there is no significant market for them. Given enough time and energy, a buyer might be found for a particular item, but this is rather an exception than a rule. Finding anyone willing to sell an item is equally rare.

Magic Capital
Most magic-related gp expenses can be substituted with points of Magic capital at a rate of 1 pt/50 gp (see the rules for Capital). This includes spell components, ritual casting, spell research, and magic item creation. I.e. enchanting a +1 magic sword can cost 1000 gp, 20 points of Magic capital, or any combination thereof.


Book Collections
A book collection consists of around 20 books and cost 1000 gp. They can be either General or Specialised. A General collection gives a +2 circumstance bonus to any one of the Knowledge skills or Spellcraft. A Specialised collection gives an additional +2 bonus in a particular branch of a skill, such as Conjuration magic for Knowledge (Arcana) or Spellcraft, plants for Knowledge (Nature), or a particular religion for Knowledge (Religion). Having access to a book collection also allows taking 20 on a Knowledge roll – this represents searching through all the books for the relevant information and will take several days.

Rule changes

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