The Tecoanitāclameh (People of the Panther) or Tecoani are a species of shapechangers living in the forests inland from Lionsgate.

They are known to have at least three forms: A normal-appearing human form, a normal animal form, and a powerful bipedal hybrid with strong animal features. They are likely formidable warriors in this hybrid form. Apparently not all Tecoani are able to change shape, however, and those with the ability seem to form a seperate warrior and noble class in their society.

In their animal and hybrid forms, their coloration ranges from black over reddish-brown to grey or even white, with various fur patterns. In human form, they tend towards light to dark brown skin.


(With Yaxaal thus far the only source of knowledge about the Tecoani, the following may or may not be true for their people in general.)

The Tecoani appear to predominantly live in large cities or city-states surrounded by some agricultural areas. Unlike Anuireans, they do not seem to value territory very much and are apparently content to leave large swathes of forest mostly unsettled.

Tecoani cities are ruled by a monarch, or kuhul ajaw (kuhul: ‘great’, ajaw: ‘noble’). Their religion, which appear to centre on the worship of a deity in the form of a great snake, also appears to have considerable political importance. The religion practices human sacrifice, which is referred to as a “blood tax”.

Game-playing seems highly valued, especially the ōllamaliztli ball game, which apparently not only has great religious importance, but is also used to settle disputes between city-states.

The Tecoani appear less technologically advanced than the Anuireans in at least some fields, such as metallurgy: They do not seem to use iron for either weapons or tools. On the other hand, in terms of architecture, their cities are as well or even better constructed than any Anuirean city.

A curious incident near Yaxaal seemed to reveal that the Tecoani are greatly afraid of a particular species of small colourful green bird. The significance of this is not certain.


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