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  • Vaenerys Tael

    As Chamberlain, *Lord Vaenerys Tael* is the senior official in charge of the Archduke Boeruine's personal household, as well as one of his closest advisors and confidantes, and one of the most powerful men at the Archducal court.

  • William de Mourandes

    William de Mourandes is the Archbishop of Tariene and the Northern Imperial Temple's most powerful prelate in Boeruine. He is known as a staunch supporter of Aeric Boeruine and his quest for the throne of the Empire. Although the Lionsgate colony lies …

  • Aeric Boeruine

    *Aeric Boeruine*, Archduke of Boeruine & The West has ruled the realm that bears his name for more than two decades. As the heir of an ancient dynasty that traces its lines directly back to the first human settlers that fled Aduria two thousand years ago, …

  • Eustace de Mont

    Lord Eustace de Mont is the Count of Rivien and one of the most powerful nobles in Boeruine. He is the older twin brother of Lord Governor Avant de Mont.

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