Domain actions

Running a domain happens in the framework of three-month-long domain turns, which are divided into three domain rounds of one month. Each domain round, the regent may take one standard action, one character action, and a number of court actions equal to half the GB spent on the court. Non-regent characters may take one character action.

Character actions

Character actions represent major personal tasks or projects that the character wishes to accomplish. Only actions that require significant time or resources during the month is considered a character action; normal day-to-day activities are not relevant here.

Participate in an adventure that lasts for more than about one week.

Ply Trade
Spend time on working in a profession, running a business, or engage in other profitable activities.

Learn spells (including realm spells), research magical or mundane questions, or work on creating scrolls, potions, or magic items.

Retrain skills and feats, learn languages, or physical training to improve hit points (up to maximum for class and level).

Anything beyond routine travel (up to about a week per month) requires spending a character action.

Court Actions

Court actions are handled almost entirely by members of the regent’s court. Although they may be important, they require very little time or other resources and do not require the focus of the regent or the entire court. A domain spending less that 2 GB on its court is not eligible to take any court actions and must therefore rely on standard domain actions to accomplish even the smallest of domain-level tasks.

Start or continue the construction of some form of building, civil project, or other major construction, including domain assets such as fortifications, ships, highways, and bridges. Each Build action contributes GB toward completion of the construction; larger projects may require multiple actions to complete.

Make an administrative decision with regard to your domain or a declaration to other domains. Examples include major new laws, in- or decreasing taxes, raising a vassal or retainer to a new noble rank or position, a declaration of support for a party in a conflict, declarations of war, establishment of a new holiday, or any similar action.

Disband/destroy a single holding, army, ship, building, or other asset owned by the regent.

Convert coinage, jewellery, or other goods to or from Gold Bars, or obtain a loan.

Move Troops
Moving military units within the regent’s territory is routine and requires no action. However, moving troops through the territory of friendly regents takes more oversight, and requires a court action. Crossing other regents’ territory without permission is a potentially hostile act and requires a standard action.

Muster/Train Troops
Raise a new military unit, or train an existing one to gain more experience or new abilities.

Occupy Province
Use military forces to institute martial law in a province, or to reduce holding levels in an already occupied province.

Standard Actions

Standard actions represent the primary focus of the realm’s court and agents for the domain round. The regent need not be physically present for his domain to take a standard action; only routine communication is required. However, the regent can additionally spend a character action to personally oversee the project for a bonus.

Change the attitudes of the inhabitants of a province towards a person, realm, or idea, either positively or negatively.

Cast Realm Spell
Cast an arcane or divine realm spell.

Various rituals relating to the ownership and administration of domains. Common rituals include coronation of a new regent, designation of an heir, claiming an occupied province from another regent (divestiture), appointing a lieutenant, transferring holdings between regents, or vassalising another regent.

Contest Holding
Attempt to reduce the level of or destroy another regent’s holding.

Contest Trade Route
Attempt to neutralise or destroy a trade route. The targeted route must pass through or terminate in a province where the regent owns a holding.

Create Holding
Establish a new level (0) holding in a province.

Create Province
Establish a new province in unsettled lands.

Create Ley Line
Create a magic link to connect two source holdings.

Create Trade Route
Open a trade route between two trade centres. The centres must either be connected by roads; or they must be in provinces with seaports and the trade route owner must own ships with sufficient cargo capacity.

Negotiations with other regents, such as for trade agreements, non-aggression treaties, alliances, etc.

Includes any kind of spying or covert actions designed to gather or hide information, or perform covert operations. Can also be used to create a permanent spy network in a province.

Move Troops
Moving military units through a potentially or actively hostile territory without permission requires a standard action.

Rule Holding
Attempt to increase the level of an existing holding by expanding its facilities and personnel, and growing its influence in the province.

Rule Province
Attempt to increase the level of an existing province by attracting new settlers, improving the infrastructure, promoting trade and industry, etc.

Domain actions

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