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Birthright: A New World

In the year 553 after the fall of the Empire, news reached the cities and courts of Anuire of the discovery of a new world, far to the west across the Sea of Storms. Seeking new lands, new opportunities, and – for those who would see the Empire reborn under their rule – new resources to throw into the ancient conflict, several realms outfitted expeditions to found colonies and claim a share of this new continent in their name.

Now, two years later, the Archduchy of Boeruine has joined the ranks of the colonial powers and founded the colony of Lionsgate under the rule of Lord Governor Avant de Mont, and being blessed with fertile soil, a strategic location, and a pleasant climate, the prospects for the new colony seem bright.

But whilst the colonists are united in their purpose for now, it may not be long before their political and religious divisions are brought to the surface. Meanwhile, no one knows which threats and mysteries await in the deep forests beyond the shores of the new continent. And even though the colonists have put an ocean between themselves and the Old World, its intrigues and politics may yet affect them deeply.

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